HomeFront by D.Outhouse

Citizens of small-town Folbee, Nebraska find themselves under the thumb of mega- entrepreneur Richard Kilroy; a man of money who appeared one day and seemed to have Folbee in his pocket the next. Among the unhappy residents are single mother Chelsie Davenport and her six year old daughter Rosie, the remnants of the McCormick family, and Dirk Korner’s fresh widow. Then one day, miracle of miracles: The McKormick’s eldest and sole remaining son makes an unexpected return from his 15 year Army tenure. The McCormick’s house is slowly falling apart while Chelsie fights off the unwanted attentions of Sherriff Brock Carter and Widow Korner becomes more and more suspicious that her husband was not attacked by wild wolves. Chris McCormick, the once-townhero, is aghast to find his home in such a state of decay, intrigued by the beautiful if not off-putting Chelsie Davenport, and determined to restore Folbee to its former glory. But will the fight be worth the cost, and who will pay the gravedigger?

This story is sometimes hilarious and sometimes heart wrenching. There is love and loss, violence and suspense and the ending is to die for.


First Light of Day

Cait O’Mailey is a sensible woman in the loosest definition. An up and coming PI formerly of the Arbrick PAPD, she’s got her positive traits: dogged determination, Sherlock-like brilliance, passion, and quick-wittedness. But Cait also has a dark side; one with passive-aggressive tendencies, one that isn’t always capable of keeping one’s thoughts to one’s self, and she most definitely HATES mornings.

When Cait gets a pre-sunrise summon from her ex-partner Trace Falon she isn’t in the best of moods. Her outlook soon changes however as she picks up a case with a multimillion dollar payoff and Cait is quick to join the rat race in search of the stolen money.


Twice the Fool

Halloween is just around the corner and Cait has a little something for everybody – until her father and his hundred-pound Bernard (who happens to be the unintentional Moriarty to her Sherlock) show up to turn her world upside down.


Third Time’s the Charm

Here comes Thanksgiving and with it more hilarious chaos of the O’Mailey variety.

Cait struggles to locate a missing mother whose children were instructed to seek out the PI in the event of an emergency. Cait is doubtful as to her own parenting abilities; she can’t even keep a fern healthy. She’s afraid the boys may end up withered and broken by the time the mom-napped Molly is rescued.
A murder in Brunswick has left a prosecutor looking more than just a little shady and Detective Trace Falon is put on the case. The evidence is disheartening and the Evening News broadcasts seem to be more informed than the police. As if that wasn’t enough of a headache, Trace is beginning to suspect there may be a bad apple walking about with a badge.
Is there a dirty cop in their midst, or is this an impersonator?
It’s up to Trace to sniff out the killer before the streets of Arbrick suffer cataclysmic consequences.

Cait and Trace blunder through the difficulties of shopping as responsible parents, dealing with bad guys who keep unusual pets, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and solving their cases without:
a) getting killed,
b) getting maimed, and
c) falling head of heels for each other.


Ground Zero

Cait O’Mailey is a young, fresh-out-of-the-academy small-town girl who moves to the Metropolis of Arbrick, PA with expectations of making a difference. What she finds are criminals that don’t stop at threats, a chauvinistic captain seemingly determined to hold her back, a rugged partner with a one-track mind, and all the wrong kinds of adventures; brought together purely for your enjoyment.